Meet the ApBeacon

Realtime Micro-Location and Proximity-based Engagement Platform

The ApBeacon platform brings an unprecedented level of location awareness and connectivity to smartphone applications.
We provide the hardware, support and software that enable analytics and proximity-based communication for all mobile platforms.

See How It Works

Custom Dashboard

Your custom dashboard distills collected data to provide a more complete picture of the activity of end users and sales force at your location.

Your dashboard acts as both a CMS and a data visualization tool to communicate with a beacon, providing insightful analytics.

Full Stack Solution

Not only do we provide the beacon hardware but we provide a full stack solution for quick and easy intergration with your already existing applications and quick developement/release of new systems. In addition to the beacons, our stack includes:

  • Easily configurable RESTful webservices

  • Libraries for iOS/Android Support(Other OS coming soon)

  • Full online support

Client Experience

Greet your client as they walk through the door or give them a guided tour of your estabilshment.

Learn about your client's interests, needs and preferences before you even shake hands, build loyalty programs and create a more engaging interaction everytime your client walk into your space.

Cloud Access

We give you full control of your deployed beacons to manage them as closely as you want. Control and modify your ApBeacon system from your on-site computer or from a remote location such as another branch or central office

Limited Time Offer For Developers

We are currently waiving the license price for developers.The developer package includes a beacon and SDK for iOS and Android.
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General Inquiries

Is the ApBeacon platform a good fit for your business? Are you interested in learning more about our solution and what we can do for your business?